eTMS - Task Management 

eTMS is an ideal tool for Service Delivery and Project-based organizations like Law firms, Consultants, ICT Companies, BPOs, Facility Management Companies and other Businesses working from multiple Geographic Locations.





  • Tasks are assigned and can be regenerated through the edit feature
  • Task filters available to classify and prioritize tasks
  • Develops and maintains a task progress chart
  • Traceable workflow with centralized database
  • Creates and manages task Transactions, Lists & Intimations
  • Manages projects into specified customer category & customer mapping fields
  • Automated task/user activity reports and KPIs tracking reports
  • Supports statistical and graphical representation of work position
  • Modification and creation of customized categories, statuses and priorities
  • Assists managers with each individual task-cost updates
  • Automatic data backup
  • Email and SMS task alerts

Business Benefits

  • Statistics and Task-trends are readily available
  • Provides ease of access & ease of managing tasks from diverse locations
  • Assists in Meeting project deadlines efficiently with uninterrupted workflow and task prioritization
  • Real-time task monitoring provides accurate picture of individual tasks and Projects
  • Timely reminders facilitate tracking and improve productivity
  • The recorded individual KPI’s help in performing Appraisals - integrates with eAppraisal
  • Automatically cuts short the time spent on follow-ups
  • Indicates outstanding time to task completion
  • Encourages team collaboration and a positive working environment


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