• Looking to improve workplace productivity?
    TimeTrax - The Intuitively Managed Employees' TRAnsformation Xoftware
    is an all-in-one Human Capital Management Cloud-ready solution for all
    your HR needs. 9 Super-modules, cover all aspects of HR services,
    right from Appointments to Appraisals.
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  • TimeTrax - Cloud-based HCM Software
    The best Investment for your Human Capital
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  • orBItrax - Online Reporting & Business Intelligence Tool
    A powerful and easy to use BI Tool
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    Multiple Report Types
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    Drill Down Capability
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    Multiple Filters
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    Report Scheduling

Hello And Welcome To TimeTrax®

Cloud-based HCM Software - The best Investment for your Human Capital

Building upon the confidence and satisfaction of over 1,000 clients across the nation and gaining success across the globe with a complete HRM/HCM Solution for every industries, the domain of Human Resource Management Solution has been completely revamped with the splendor of TimeTrax - The cloud-based integrated solution for Attendance, Leave, Payroll, Travel, Document, Training, Recruitment and Performance Management.

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At EfroTech, we specialize in delivering business productivity solutions on the Web-Based, Client-Server and SAAS/ASP models.

EfroTech is completely focused on providing customized and packaged web and client-server based marketing and management solutions to the FMCG and HCFD – Healthcare, Confectionery, Financial and Distribution industries.

We are a global software solutions supplier for Fortune 500 FMCGs and Financial Services companies, covering Pakistan, Afghanistan, Central and South Africa, MENA and Latin America.

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